Synthesis - First Issue / by Laurence Fuller

In 1969 my father started a magazine called "Synthesis" with the tagline 'A New Magazine Of The Arts', this came during the time he was writing for "Black Dwarf" commenting on the radical 60s movements in London. He was 22 when he launched this magazine as the founding editor. Although it only lasted four issues, it foreshadowed what was to come with "Modern Painters" and a fascinating piece of the Peter Fuller story, as well as a historical document for the radical art movements of the 60s. With socialist poetry and reviews on the arts, in particular with this early review of David Hockney which began a lifelong friendship and collaboration between the two (Hockney is now one of Britain's most important artists, though he lives and works in California, with an exhibition coming up at LA Louver in July). I'm proud to be able to present the first issue in its digital form here at Praxis Aesthetics.