A man, tied to a wall, is left with the leader of a gang in a quiet room. Despite his obvious distress and discomfort, the man’s desire to remain in the room evolves as time passes and he wilfully abandons himself to delirium.  Nocturnal Silence premiered at Danny Boyle's Shuffle Film Festival, before his latest feature Trance.


Danny Boyle hand selected Nocturnal Silence for his latest venture Shuffle Film Festival. What was it like seeing it screen before the premiere of his latest feature, Trance, starring James Mcavoy?

It's really a testament to Danny Boyle as an Oscar winning director who's films have grossed over $280 Million, that he he would put his name to an ambiguous short film by an unknown Japanese artist, with no dialog. No matter how much he has been accepted by the establishment, he's not stopped loving independent films for what they are. So I just am in even more admiration of Danny Boyle for recognizing this small film in spite of it's strangeness. 

Is that why you decided to take on this project?

When he explained to me the premise, I saw opportunity for experimentation, to do something different, explore new ways to express myself. Moto's directions were almost exclusively metaphors. I remember at one point he told me 'you see that he is dead, but you are curious about the experience'. And a moment when I was waking up after three days with the dead body chained to a wall, he said 'you feel the breeze coming under the door as it brushes across your face'. It was a pleasure working with such a sensitive soul.