Paint It Red (coming 2017)

Feature Film starring: Laurence Fuller

Director/Writer: Paul T Murray

Produced by and Co-Starring: Chad Addison & Tommy Kijas

Cinematographer/Producer: Steven Mangurten

Supporting Cast: Sally Kirkland, Jack McGee, Randy Wayne, Ray Diaz, Jacinta Stapleton, Martin Kove, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Khleo Thomas

"Struggling artist Ciaran [Laurence Fuller] finds a duffle bag filled with a large amount of cash and is faced with some tough decisions. As bank robbers knock-off Bohemian tenants in search of their stolen loot!"

Some BTS shots

Art Director: Monika Dovnar

Costume: Paige Rentel

Makeup: Stacey Alfano

First AD: Daniel Martindale

currently in POST-PRODUCTION, watch this space!