"Madness In Valencia" played in the West End at Trafalgar Studios to critical acclaim. Originally written by the Spanish Golden Age playwright Lope De Vega in 1590, later translated by David Johnston. Simon Evans directed the restoration originally staged at the White Bear Theatre in London, off the back of the success of the run it received a transfer to Trafalgar Studios. Fuller took a lead role as Pisano, the asylum keeper of a mad house in which the play is set, later its revealed he's the only mad one in the entire play. 


"Laurence Fuller is a faultless Pisano" - Lucy Powell, Time Out (Critics choice and Show of the week) ****

"Special mention should be given to Laurence Fuller, whose crazed doctor Pisano will make your skin crawl... This show could play to 1,500 at the Globe Theatre, and be a success. Someone get Dominic Dromgoole on the phone.” - Lalayn Baluch, The Stage

“The piece’s true madman Pisano – well realised by goosebump-inducing Laurence Fuller” - Jeremy Williams, Spoonfed ****

“Laurence Fuller gives a willfully eccentric performance as the jailer Pisano: excitingly unlikely” - Dominik Maxwell, The Times 

"As asylum curator Pisano, Laurence Fuller stalks the stage with simian movements, scatters anachronisms and builds a superb rapport with the audience." Fringe Review ****

"It's a curious place, the Valencia asylum. There's the odd shackle and chain, as one might expect in a Renaissance madhouse, but precious little suffering or brutality. It is presided over by a doctor whose enthusiastic squirms and capers suggest he is a refugee from Blackadder." - Louise Gooding, What's On Stage ****

"All the cast put in good performances. I particularly enjoyed Laurence Fuller as the asylum keeper, cleverly showing that the one character who may be mad is not an inmate, but the person designated to guard the insane.” Richard Woulfe, The Tribune ****

"Laurence Fuller’s ad-libbing simian doctor has taken over the asylum" - Neil Dowden, Music OMH ****

"Laurence Fuller repeatedly stealing scenes as the half-mad jailer" - Gerald Berkowitz, Theatre Guide London****

"Evans’ direction and Fuller’s clowning leave the audience in no doubt who are the real insane characters in the madhouse." - Rivka Jacobson, Plays To See ****

"Laurence Fuller’s creepy Pisano was able to break the fourth wall on many occasions by dint of being the only true lunatic in his own asylum, and in doing so snaffled some free beer and a handful of Revels from the front row" - Will's Coffee House ****

"Make sure you go back early in the interval to see the fragile fourth wall tumble as Laurence Fuller’s leery psychiatrist Pisano, his own wits more than a little touched, ad-libs to the audience, seeking out tips for treatments and borrowing drinks." - The Audience Club ****

“A stand out performance for me was Pisano (Laurence Fuller) the only real madman of the piece, who ironically is meant to be the doctor responsible for bringing sanity back to the apparent ’Looney’s’ of the madhouse. His crazy eyes, modern ad lib, and sometimes disturbing interaction with both his fellow actors and the audience had me laughing out loud throughout.” - Jenni Rymer, The Public Reviews ****

"The watchful eye of that scheming "administrator", Pisano (Laurence Fuller)... The actors have also been infected with this improvisatory spirit, above all Fuller as Pisano. He anachronistically invents wordassociation analysis, but doubts that it will "catch on"; he diagnoses one patient with "delusions of grandeur", and once even exits the stage urging another to "text me"." Ollie Brock, The Times ****

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