Radiation Music / by Laurence Fuller

Poem by Laurence Fuller - Art by Claudia Chaseling

Radiation music call me poet in the dark green sea, making harmony of the columns of my heart, weave toxic sweetness over me. Lick me with cherry melodies of heat and passionate ruptures in the landscape of spilled wisdom. Pour symbols of discarded hardened candy that rots like wine in the bellies of old drunks at the construction site of bubbling mist. Speed and concentration will take us to the other side of dancing skies where they’re all lit by streaks of something different. We’ve been road tied for nine months and this journey is ready to be born. Great waves of highway flash me by for an eternity staring out great big windows. Curtains drape hillside rhythms, and there’s a pulse hidden under each space between the crossing guards of this infinite ride.