Leda And The Swan / by Laurence Fuller

Poem by Peter Fuller
Art by - Mara Marieta, Leonardo Divinci, Michelangelo, Giovanni Raipiti, Emmanuel Benner, Igor Zeinalov, Corregio, Adolf Ulrik

Leda looked into the pond, 
Surveyed her wan features, 
Pulled her blonde hair back from her face, 
When the feathered creature, 
Rising from the water, 
Raced with passion to her side, 
She unlaced her silky clothes, 
Lay stretched in womanly abandon, 
Among the rushes on the bank, 
The white swan with growing power,
Pressed its body close against her breast, 
The great bird, 
Mounted her, 
Screeched with happiness, 
Astride the softness of her thighs, 
The strange passion rose, 
As its wings closed round her, 
Caressed her, 
Stroked her sloping sides, 
Pain and pleasure mingled, 
When the orange beak, 
Parted her falling hair, 
And the wide, webbed feet, 
Scratched her quivering skin, 
All the world stood still, 
The gentle deer watched in awe, 
The writhing woman, 
Her short strained gasps for breath, 
Then the great bird, 
Shrieking at the sky, 
With clumsy movement, 
Fluttered, In half ecstatic flight, 
Back to the still waters of the lake