Angel On The Beach / by Laurence Fuller

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 3.30.58 PM.png

Painting by Enrique Martinez Celaya - Poem by Laurence Fuller

Angels on the beach crash all the black back lit warriors charging the best of the best. Beating wings on the winds of change, there’s now homes and bounties where migrants bless the skies for hope of another country where the water’s warmer. Where hope more freely comes to the rescue of good nature. Where we struck accord in nectar of bigger flowers, flourishing in the glistening rain. Bursting petals under the dawn of waxed out evenings charge the gorgeous sparrows flurry hundreds of colorful feathers. Lift up the aviary of time, there the boy pledges himself to the fresh morning of opportunity, wet the air, golden rays of grit shine dalliance daring and romantic. Open hearts win over crusted cancers, live with promise, I’ve omened so much along this perfect path. Green jade beaks, peck perfectly off the martial honor contemplate the haze, drifting channels in the air know the difference between the wall and the illusions wafting horizons with their ways. Challenge the maker, the creator, the opulent abolition. Ceremony is where he lays his demons to the rest of time.