Mushroom Cleopatra / by Laurence Fuller


Green fingered pines, green lit streets, peeking palm trees, fairy floss oak in warm breeze of California nostalgia, some strange uneasy hope. 

Moonbeams accenting joy diverged to pineapple sprinkler accidents. Jail time, rule Britannia. 

Man against man, clashing armor, clanging machinery, Ying yang clapping hands, history lessons, Cuban tricks, don’t you wish we were the same, unequal in match, wealth flow with clicking fingers over Apple men, foreign lands cast in bronze drape Cleopatra’s neck, Momento Mori shining heavy, she golden clad, sex laden, jewel beset and roughly tempered. 

Royal hew gleam statues with desire. Jealous animals cry out for sex and power. Those opal eyes crying blistered tears for new love which escaped her grasp to another.

Mountain men roar ferocious display, she bubble colored, twisted rainbows of rectangle chandeliers called him to jingle crystal droppings, irresistible. Pulled him in with whispers, taming the wild beast to stand on her finger, his bowing crest hesitating in its flickering comfort.