The Poet & The Actor / by Laurence Fuller


The poet fights the ardor of his recompense, asking forgiveness for his follies in constant battle with the universe of the mind. Poetry’s unlimited potential reaches out across the universe of the mind its unlimited potential reaches out across the multitude of time, filtering only back to the passing minutes and seconds of reacting soundbites when limited consciousness is distracted by the comings and goings of it all.

Pointless at this point to the keeping brisk pushing to the tipping point. It’s all dipped in ink anyway, seduced and misguided.

The actor walks the other side of that divide. Drifting for a story, hunting artists like a javelin strapped warrior catching scent of something beautiful. Treasure hunter, digging through rusted rubble, scaffold concrete blocks that populate the artistic wasteland of bleached out pages. ‪Until some strange structure builds madly put of the ground, bricks and vines stretching across loose & under nourished civilizations‬. Paradise petals blooming their naturalness towards a new sun that bounces off gold plated rooftop, Elysium beyond that scrap heap. A story to tell.

The palace of the mind, polished, furnished, hung, carved and remodeled. It stretches out to its brittle peaks seeking infinity. 

Photograph by Samson Kohanski